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Review: The Liberation of Marguerite Harrison

From Naval Institute Press, by Elizabeth Atwood. Out 9 September 2020. “Marguerite once described herself as a chameleon. She would be a flirtatious debutante, a devoted housewife, a music and drama critic, a foreign correspondent, and an American secret agent.” The Liberation of Marguerite Harrison follows the first female American spy, who began working for […]

Review: Agent Sonya

From Signal, by Ben Macintyre. Out 15 September 2020. “They did not know that the woman they called Mrs. Burton was really Colonel Ursula Kuczynski of the Red Army, a decorated Soviety military intelligence officer, and a highly trained spy who had conducted espionage operations in china, Poland, and Switzerland, before coming to Britain on […]

Review: The Promise

The Promise: Love and Loss in Modern China. From Bloomsbury Caravel, by Xinran Hue, translated by William Spence. Out 8 September 2020. “I always thought that being in love was the source of all life, that it couldn’t be restrained by faith, politics, culture, folklore, material goods. Then again, when I look at the experience […]

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